2020 Virtual APS-DFD Annual Meeting

November 2020

Dr. Farokhirad attends the American Physical Society-Division of Fluid Dynamics Conference and presents on Nano Flows: Computations and Modeling Session.

2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting

November 2020

Dr. Farokhirad attends the American Institute of Chemical Engineering Conference and presents on Micro- and Nano-systems: Materials and Methods Session.

More Information about the talk is available in AIChE-Ipostersessions .

COVID-19 Research Project on Respiratory Distress Therapy Modeling

April 2020

Computational Models for Targeting Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS): The severe forms of COVID-19 infections resulting in death proceeds by the propagation of the acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS. In ARDS, the lungs fill up with fluid preventing oxygenation and effective delivery of therapeutics through the inhalation route. A group of researchers (including Dr. Farokhirad) in the Lab of Dr. Ravi Radhakrishnan, Professor and Chair of Bioengineering and Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at UPenn, are developing a computational model that can design drug-filled nanoparticles and target them to the inflamed lung regions. This project is done in collaboration with Clinical Scientist Dr. Jacob Brenner, who is an attending ER Physician in Penn Medicine. For more information please visit COVID-19 Research Projects.

APS Physics Denver, Co 

March 2020

Dr. Farokhirad attends the American Physical Society-Physics Conference and presents on 3D Printing of Polymers and Soft Materials Session.

Invited talks 

February 2020

Dr. Farokhirad gave a seminar talk in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the City College of New York.

NSF Review Panel

January 2020

Dr. Farokhirad traveled to Washington D.C. to serve on an NSF review panel.

81st New England Complex Fluids Workshop - Harvard University

December 2019

Dr. Farokhirad presented at 81st New England Complex Fluids Meeting in Cambridge, MA.

Machine Learning/ Multiscale Modeling Workshop

October 2019

Dr. Farokhirad attended an NIH workshop on Integrating Machine Learning with Multiscale Modeling for Biomedical, Biological, and Behavioral Systems (2019 ML-MSM).

Our paper is accepted to the Soft Matter Journal

October 2019

Our work on investigating the Thermodynamic analysis of multivalent binding of functionalized flexible nanoparticles to the membrane surface has been accepted for publication in Soft Matter Journal.

Book Chapter publication by Elsevier

October 2019

Our work on “Nanoparticle Transport Phenomena in Confined Flow” has been published in Advances in Heat Transfer by Elsevier.

Invited talks 

September 2019

Dr. Farokhirad gave an invited talk for the Centennial Anniversary of the Department and the Grove School of Engineering at the City College of New York.

Rad Lab is born

September 2019

Rad Lab is born in the department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at NJIT.